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Tuesday 19th may 2009

Today we did our usual jobs like recycling bottles, paper and ink cartridges. We also did some litter picking in the beautiful sunshine. Yeah! We also updated the blog which you can odiously tell because you are reading it. We hope you liked it and please leave some comments, please, please, please.
Only 6 weeks to go until the summer holidays. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

This blog teleported to you from Bethany, Sarah and Emma Mickey.
Sadly this is our last blog. cry,cry,cry. :(



Blog moved

Unfortunately we have had to stop using Blogger as it is blocked within our school. We have moved this blog onto our school website.
You can now view it at http://www.woodhill.e-dunbarton.sch.uk/page_viewer.asp?page=Eco+Warriors&pid=195
Please have a look and leave us some feedback.



Tuesday 28th April 09

Today Eco Warriors is back on and the usual jobs are being done, recycling paper, plastic bottles, ink cartage's and mobile phones. Unfortunately the Eco Blog will not be updated for two weeks because next week is the school's parent's night and the week after that the Primary 7's are going on a trip. :)

This swan to you from Sarah, Bethany and Emma Mc


Tuesday 21st April 09

It's the first Tuesday back after the Easter Holidays and because of that Eco Warriors is not on today but the work of looking after the world is never over, so Sarah, Emma and Bethany, 3 primary 7 Eco Warriors are going round the school and doing all the recycling that needs doing.
They are also updating the Eco blog so that you can keep updated with all the work we do to help make our school an Eco friendly place.

This blog catapulted to you from Sarah, Emma Mc and Bethany, 3 primary 7 Eco Warriors.


Tuesday 10th March

Today our friend Jim came along to see us with all his gardening tools to help us tidy up and re-plant all the flowers in the tyre at the front of the school. As we were pulling out all the weeds and dead plants we found lots of potatoes that we planted last year, some were small and squashed but most of them were big and healthy. Sarah and Emma popped out all the new blue and yellow plants( Woodhill colours) to plant in tyre. Hopefully in the next couple of months they will start to flower and look marvellous and funky.

This blog hopped, skipped and JUMPED to you from Emma Mc and Sarah.


Tuesday 3rd March 2009

Today we have started recycling cardboard so if you have any old cardboard boxes that you don't need then put them in the bins sitting next to the cafeteria. Also we have entered March and we are hoping that we will get some better weather. So far we have had really bad, windy and rainy weather. As usual we have done are normal jobs such as, recycling paper+ bottles, litter picking and saving energy. And the tidiest playground was a draw between Primary 2 and Primary 3.

This blog has been whizzed to you by Bethany:^)


Tuesday 24th February

Back from our holidays!!!

Eco warriors has started back from our February break. Today we have been doing our usual jobs- recycling paper, bottles, ink cartridges, mobile phones and litter picking round the school.

This blog bounced to you from Bethany, Sarah and Emma Mickey.